Welcome to FermoPack, where innovative packaging meets the HORECA industry’s heartbeat.
Our mission is to support hotels, restaurants, and cafes with top-tier, purpose-built packaging solutions that embody both style and practicality.

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Born from a vision of excellence in HORECA service, we at FermoPack are dedicated to enhancing your customer’s experience while propelling your establishment’s success with cost-effective and operationally efficient packaging strategies.
Quality, safety, and sustainability are the cornerstones of our product line, evidenced in every piece we produce.
As we navigate the dynamic demands of the hospitality world, our commitment to providing adaptable and eco-friendly packaging options remains steadfast.

FermoPack offers global shipping options, ensuring our top-quality packaging solutions reach your business, wherever you are in the world.

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FermoPack achieved a 30% increase in international clientele, expanding our global footprint.


We expanded our product range by 25% in 2019, catering to niche packaging needs across the HORECA industry.


Our custom packaging solutions grew to accommodate 500+ unique designs in 2020, a testament to our versatility and customer service excellence.